Orion Data Network

Real-time data, unlimited solutions.
Orion Data solutions

Orion Security Network

Combined RFID GPS asset tracking and security network. Reduce cost by up to 75% compared to regular GSM \ CDMA solutions. The first fully end to end IoT Low Power Radio Network solution. High value asset tracking, lone worker safety, smart metering and IoT sensors.

Orion Tracking Solutions

Market leading asset tracking devices designed and built in the United Kingdom. Smarter Technologies have a forged a reputation as pioneers in the asset tracking market worldwide and offer a wide range of both Orion asset tracking devices as well as industry proven OEM products.

IoT Data Management System

Manage your assets with the award winning Smarter Technologies IoT data management system. The next generation connectivity platform and N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the M2M marketplace as fully managed end to end turnkey solutions.

Listen. Monitor. Track. Recover.
RFID GPS Network

Global Data Network

The Orion Network can be deployed anywhere in the world quickly, simply and cost-effectively. From real-time container tracking data analytics, to high value retail tracking and security applications, the Orion network is now the supply chain tracking network of choice for blue chip companies and SMEs.

IoT M2M Tracking

Unlimited Applications

Orion offers a huge range of application possibilities. Almost any asset or application that requires real-time data can join the Orion network. Both hardware and software can be tailored to meet your company’s specific real-time data requirements.

RFID GPS Tracking

Unlimitedly Scalable

Orion allows users to scale their network without limitations and create a private data and security network. The Orion Network is currently serving both SME’s and global top ten bluechip companies who have scaled their Orion solution to tailor their organisation’s supply chain requirements.

RFID Asset Tracking

Smart Technology

Orion hardware is among the smartest technology available on the market today. Orion GPS RFID tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second. After a short time learning their surroundings, unusual behaviour patterns can be spotted, and preventative measures deployed.

SIM Free

Reduce Commercial Costs

The Orion Network is being deployed around the world at an increasing rate. Joining the network is simple and could save your organisation up 75% of the cost of comparable technologies. Reducing cost by way of asset utilisation also has a positive corollary effect of reducing carbon emissions in the area in which is is being deployed.

GPS Asset Tracking

Intelligent Data

It’s not only Orion hardware that is packed with technology. Orion’s back-end infrastructure has been developed over the last decade with clients’ user experience of paramount importance in the evolution of the product. The result is a suite of API’s and online asset management system capable of managing all of your physical assets and billing reports with ease.

Orion Form Factors

Orion asset tracking devices come in hundreds of different shapes sizes and varying technical specifications depending on the clients requirements. Tracking devices can weigh as little as 28 grams and last for several years on a single charge reporting in real-time with a range of up to 10 miles.
  • 3-year battery life
  • Real-time data
  • Temperature
  • Battery level notifications
  • Dual switch inputs
  • M2M applications
  • Assisted GPS
  • Big data solutions
  • Configurable geofencing
  • Signal penetrates walls, metal & underground
  • Beacon ‘black box’ recovery mode
  • Heat mapping technology
  • Smart metering data
  • Hundreds of different shapes
  • 2-way data communication
  • Home office award for innovation

Comparative Technologies

Up to 10 meters coverage
Wifi networks
Up to 100 meters coverage
Orion network
Up to 10 miles coverage

One platform, unlimited assets

The award winning IoT data management system is the most advanced M2M/IoT connectivity management platform available today. Offering real-time asset visibility whilst providing clients with full control over all aspects of their assets connectivity from billing, to location and bespoke reporting tools.

Orion markets served

The Orion Network can be deployed in a wealth of different markets and sectors, Our primary markets of expertise are:
Hospitals & Care Homes
Oil, Gas & Mining
Ports, Containers & Global Shipping
Construction Sites & Plant Security
Lone Workers Safety and Site Security
Military Assets & NGO Tracking

Reduce carbon footprint

By increasing real-time asset visibility, so you can streamline your business operations to iron out costly anomalies in the supply chain. The Orion Network can deliver ROI within 3 weeks!

On-site demonstration?

On occasions, new technology can be hard to get your head around, seeing it in operation first hand can be the simplest and best way to understand it – we get that. If you would like an onsite demonstration of how the Orion security network could benefit your business, get in touch today and we will schedule an engineer to visit your site free of charge.

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A bit about us

Pioneers in the field of asset tracking and security systems. Smarter Technologies are proud to have created the award-winning Orion Network, a low power RF security and logistic network, now expanding to serve even the worlds most remote and demanding locations. Put simply, Smarter Technologies offers real-time data analytics and increased asset visibility to a hugely diverse range of market sectors at lower commercial cost than ever before. What’s more, we bring truly sophisticated security and logistics capabilities within reach of smaller companies and operations too. Why not drop us a mail at [email protected] or feel free to give us a call on + 44 330 223 5000

Who’s using the Orion network?

How can we join the Orion Network?

Easy: We can tell you if there’s coverage in your area, don’t worry if not, creating your own coverage is seriously simple. All that’s required is an Orion gateway, which in essence acts like a long range wifi router. It’s simple plug and play, just connect to any ethernet port, power up, and you’re all set! coverage ranges from half a mile in built up environments such as large cities, to over 10 miles in open environments. To find out if you can join the Orion network, simply complete this 30 second enquiry.

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