Asset Trackers

Asset trackers are security devices for finding stolen items. They may as a side benefit perform an audit role because of the fact that all the equipment communicates regularly with the server. This ensures it is also in good condition leading up to an attack. So far something in excess of 500 items have been recovered using the BB3 since its launch in 2010. That is something like £12.5million in equipment recoveries alone. asset tracking device

The BB3 is available in a number of different packages depending on battery size. The standard configuration lasts three years (based on 4 reports per day) and has GPS and GSM based positioning, as well as motion sensors and an RF ID beacon. It does require a SIM card and the position and control of the unit can be managed online through one of the existing server applications via a web browser. Alternatively, larger clients take an API feed, in .XML format direct from the servers and integrate it with their existing software solutions.

Lower cost asset trackers include the BBR and BBRG that do not require a SIM card. These solutions are only available today in mainland UK.

Features and Benefits

  • Long battery life – a fire a forget system
  • Daily reports – makes for an easy deployment and then management of a large fleet
  • Orion compatible – future proofed
  • Global roaming SIMS at a flat rate – low cost anywhere in the world
  • Multiple GSM location services on one platform – robust and reliable
  • Dual platform redundancy across all applications – making sure the solution is available 24/7
  • Over 500 recoveries – a proven system

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