Asset Tracking Software really is the key to enabling the mass deployment of tracking solutions without being overwhelmed by the task.

asset tracking softwareThe company builds a range of web based solutions that either provide the end user applications or pass the data over an API to the client’s own management software.

The core each asset tracking software solution will be similar but each cluster of servers are tuned to the specifics of the hardware or the client. The vast majority of users have only two circumstances that they work on at any one time. In the first instance there is the everyday management tasks, accepting new tracking hardware and monitoring the existing hardware in the field. Emailed reports reduce this to its simplest form, such as a notification of units in the factory that have come on line, passed QA and are being deployed. There are also more mundane events, daily reports on units in the field that need attention, broken down by branch or site for easy dissemination. These are the ‘everyday’ management activities boiled down into an easy to digest, quick and simple format. 

Then there are the attack events when equipment has been stolen. Here the sites are often serving up data to mobile devices in the field, as teams rush to the recovery job. This includes company staff, client staff and Police in some cases. These operations range from minutes to hours or occasionally days. All the time the system is integrating all the available data into a seamless command and control process because timely and efficiency activity catches criminals and recoveries equipment.

Asset Tracking Software Features and Benefits 

  • A tried and tested process for commissioning units – 100% availability of units from the factory
  • Command and control processes – the timely management and communication of critical information during at attack
  • A high degree of automation – once email reports are set up, management time is focused on operational issues, not driving the system

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