Asset Tracking Systems

Asset tracking systemsAssets Tracking systems in their simplest form represent money being put to work. The rather unglamorous phrase from the eighties, ‘sweating the assets’has never been more important. Asset management is really about cash management and since the banking crisis of ’08, no organisation can afford to be complacent about its assets.


Assets are always the subject of theft, misuse and even abuse. Large scale fixed assets are easier to monitor with CCTV and conventional man guarding. Small assets and mobile assets are the areas where the greatest improvements can be made. The problem is often that the asset itself many seem reasonably unimportant but its absence can cause major issues. Picture a missing manhole cover and a motor cyclist. The liabilities and the scale of the issue far outweigh the individual asset. What the systems discussed in this section do is provide a scale and cost appropriate manner in which to manage the previously unmanageable.


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