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Active RFID

The Orion Data Network – Oil & Gas asset visibility case study. Active RFID 
The requirement is to make the supply chain transparent by automatically showing the location of items within the supply chain. Previous attempts at doing this using passive tags failed for a number of important reasons. In particular it was necessary to […]

Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software really is the key to enabling the mass deployment of tracking solutions without being overwhelmed by the task.

The company builds a range of web based solutions that either provide the end user applications or pass the data over an API to the client’s own management software.

The core each asset tracking software […]

Personal Trackers

NFC offer various watch style tracking devices and personal trackers with assisted GPS. Optionally it can also have a tag fitted. The unit last for 72 hours on a single charge based on one report every fifteen minutes. It does date and time and looks to all intents and purposes like a normal sports […]

Asset Trackers

Asset Trackers

Asset trackers are security devices for finding stolen items. They may as a side benefit perform an audit role because of the fact that all the equipment communicates regularly with the server. This ensures it is also in good condition leading up to an attack. So far something in excess of 500 items […]

Cargo Trackers

Cargo Trackers
‘Cargo’ has a wide definition. In the western world the term is taken to mean industrial or military shipments. In the some parts of the Pacific it still means anything that could be termed a possession. The natives of many of the Pacific islands during World War Two were bemused by the goings […]

Asset Tracking Systems

Asset Tracking Systems
Assets Tracking systems in their simplest form represent money being put to work. The rather unglamorous phrase from the eighties, ‘sweating the assets’has never been more important. Asset management is really about cash management and since the banking crisis of ’08, no organisation can afford to be complacent about its assets.


Assets are […]