Cargo Trackers

Cargo’ has a wide definition. In the western world the term is taken to mean industrial or military shipments. In the some parts of the Pacific it still means anything that could be termed a possession. The natives of many of the Pacific islands during World War Two were bemused by the goings on around them as their world was turned literally upside down. They caught onto the lingo that filled gaps in their vocabulary and cargo seems to have stuck. Today you can get cargo clothing which literally means garments with big pockets, a definition that with hindsight seems to have come back to us from the Pacific… 

Orion GPS Tag

Given the wide variety of cargo it is perhaps useful to look at what the purpose of tracking it could be. There is the obvious audit and security required on high value loads. It is perhaps less obvious to think about the motion that the cargo endures or even the changes in temperature during its transit. Both of which could be critical for machinery or foodstuffs.

Then there are more mundane questions are about the nature of the cargo – is it one item or may? Each answer may impact on what the right tracking solution will have to provide.

Features and Benefits of NF Cargo trackers 

  • Long battery life – suitable for cargo going world wide
  • Multiple communications channels – can use the Orion RF network and also the GSM and Satellite networks
  • Can monitor shock and send alarms – lets the user know when rough handling has occurred
  • Can monitor temperature – alarms for over exposed cargos
  • Can provide tamper monitoring – evidence of tamper by time and location
  • Different sizes – to suit different requirements

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