NFC offer various watch style tracking devices and personal trackers with assisted GPS. Optionally it can also have a tag fitted. The unit last for 72 hours on a single charge based on one report every fifteen minutes. It does date and time and looks to all intents and purposes like a normal sports watch. The major difference being it is being monitored in real time through the online application. There are a number of variants of personal trackers that have been done for clients, including panic buttons, dead man switches, automated help messages and alike. Please call for more information.

Features and Benefits Orion Proximity GPF RFID Tags

  • Small size – easy to wear
  • GSM based, 2.4 based or Orion based – a range to suit all applications
  • Multiple technologies give a better result – by combining a GSM and an Orion based solution together, indoor, out door and even cross country tracking because viable

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